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Looking to a Future Inspired by the Past

NICK OPINSKY is a senior development officer in institutional giving at American Jewish World Service, and a volunteer at several nonprofits. He has a field-of-interest fund in The Trust and is a member of our Legacy Society.

“My great-grandmother became financially independent at a young age and dedicated the rest of her life to giving back. It has always been my goal to follow in her footsteps and those of my ancestors who were instrumental in establishing some of the most important institutions in the fields of education, social justice, and the arts. Though the world is very different today, as I explore supporting groups working in LGBTQI rights, racial justice, and arts education, it still feels like I am following the path of those who came before me.

The fund that I set up with The Trust was the perfect philanthropic vehicle for me. It was a very simple process, but it led me to think about the legacy I could leave when I’m not here, even if that might be a very long time from now. It’s remarkably useful to have The Trust advise you on philanthropic goals even when you are doing it on a small scale. The goals that I set up for my fund were very broad, purposefully, because I recognize that the world can change.

As someone who had never really thought much about ‘estate planning,’ I think it’s great that The Trust makes starting a fund so easy and accessible. And the experience of thinking about the impact I want to have during and after my life has added another level of meaning and perspective to my daily work.

After I created a fund at The Trust, it gave me peace of mind. I felt prepared and grounded—that if something catastrophic happens, there is a plan in place that will continue to do good in my name, a living instrument to continue my legacy and help the causes that I really care about.”

at The New York Community Trust

Our Legacy Society brings together donors who want to make a permanent impact on the causes they care about most. The charitable goals of members of our Legacy Society are as diverse as the people of our city, but they’re linked together by their desire to create a better world for generations to come.

All donors who generously provide for permanent funds at The Trust, whether through wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, or who commit to leave a balance in their existing donor-advised funds to support our work, are invited to join the Legacy Society.

If you have included The New York Community Trust in your will or estate plans, or are considering doing so, we want to honor you in our Legacy Society.

For information about building your legacy, please contact Marie D’Costa at (212) 686-2461 or md@nyct-cfi.org.


Anonymous (13 donors)

Donald Albrecht

Joseph Arena & Thomas D’Eletto

Steven Baum

Carol Berger

Steven D. & Amy Blecher

Barbara Block

Deborah T. Bloom

Lester Bower

Marcy Brownson

Richard Burgheim & Ricki Fulman Nelsen

Judith Byrd

Stephen & Emily Cahnmann

John Campbell

James Caras

Claire & Joseph Cohen

Ernest J. Collazo & Denice M. Collazo

David M. Conte & Suzanne C. Ouellette

Daniel I. Cotlowitz

Anne-Claude Cotty

John E. Covington

Marie D’Costa

Petra Danielsohn & Ana B. Salgado

Joan Delfino

William W. Donnell

Marsha Sheila Dorin

Jamie Drake

Jackie Dunbar

Barbara Dzubak

Linda A. Ellis

Lita & Walter Elvers

Hal M. Epstein

Charlotte Fischman

Dan Franklin

Joseph French Jr.

Patricia Galteri

Barry Garfinkel

Joseph Gelband

Rita Gilbert

Charlynn Goins

Robert Goldfarb

Gloria & Dick Grafer

Mary Greenebaum

Edmund Grossman

Joyce Haupt

Karen Hirsch

Pat Jenny & Kent Hiteshaw

Janet Johnson

Doug Jones & John Sanger

Robert M. Kaufman

Kevin Kellogg & Stewart Pearce

Allen Kleinman

Joan Kligman

Barbara Korman

Patricia Larson

Judith Lavenberg

Jill Leinbach & Lisa Huertas

Lisa LePage

Robert & Patricia Levinson

Claire Lieberwitz & Arthur Grayzel

Chris Lipari

Lester Lyons

Susan Madden

Roger Juan Maldonado

Lucia Maloney

Patricia C. Marcin

Jan Mardfin

Stuart & Victoria Marwell

Charlotte Mayerson

Kerry McCarthy & Kate Mann

Edward F. McGinley, III

Kate McLeod

Karen Metcalf

Robert Miss

Katherine Cromwell Moore

Natalie Moore

Robert Nardone

Michele & Raffiq Nathoo

Christopher Norwood

Barry Olmezer

Nicholas Opinsky

Beverly S. Oppenheim-Patterson

Richard M. Orin

Wendel Fentress Ott

Stephen Partridge

Valerie S. Peltier

Marnie Pillsbury

Ray & Alice Planell

Muriel & Virginia Pless

Marietta Poerio

Samuel Polk

Beverly Post

Stanley Pottinger

Valerie & Michael Puglisi

Deborah Fish Ragin & Luther M. Ragin Jr.

Charles Rosenblum

Judith Rubin

Peter & Meredith Phelps Rugg

D. Nicholas Russo

Kathy Shea

Diane & Jonathan Shoemaker

David & Mary Shover

Anne Sidamon-Eristoff

Cecile Singer

Lorie Slutsky

Ann Barringer Spaeth

Edward W. Stack

Pearl Staller

Nathaniel Stern

Roslyn & Samuel Stern

Dorothea (Dorry) H. Swope

Estelle Newman Tanner

Barron & Ursula Tenny

Ruth & Spencer Timm

Starr Tomczak

Judith E. Turkel & Jennifer L. Costley

Ann & Thomas Unterberg

Lulu Wang

Jennifer Watts

Helen P. Wiley

Richard & Linda Willett

Barbara & Douglas Williamson

Suzanne Dyer Wise

Amy Wolf

Melinda B. Wolfe & Kenneth D. Inadomi

Jason Wright

Irene Zelnick


Jane Schwab Abel and Elise Schwab Clemenger Memorial

Adel and Leffler Families’ Fund for Queens

Frederica M. and Morton L. Adler Trust

Barbara Albisser Memorial Fund

Oakey L. and Ethel Witherspoon Alexander Fund

B. Altman Fund

Arthur Altschul Memorial Fund

The Elizabeth & Peter Altwater Fund

Anne Anastasi and John Porter Foley, Jr. Funds

J.R. Anderson Fund

Patricia Anderson Fund

Esther Jean Arnhold Scholarship Trust

The Arundel Fund

Marcia Ashman Fund for Children

Astor Fund for Public School Libraries

Babsan Fund

Backman-Niesz Fund

Lee Bailey Fund

S. Prentiss Bailey Fund

Allyson Maya Collazo Baker Fund

Peleg S. Barber Fund

Parker W. Barnum Funds

William and Françoise Barstow Foundations No. 1 & 2

Harriett M. Bartlett Fund

Ruth Bedford Fund

Eleanor Robson Belmont Fund

Claire B. & Lawrence A. Benenson Fund

Charles L. Bernheimer Fund

William H. Berri Fund

June R. and Jonathan Bingham Fund

Richard & Margaret Blanchard Fund

Ernst P. Boas Memorial Fund

M. Alida Bonynge Memorial Fund

The Lillian G. Booth Fund

The Charles Bouman Charitable Trust

Thomas F. Bowen Fund

Clothilde de Veze Bower Fund

Annie Grant Breath Memorial Fund

Edward W. Browning Fund

William H. and George R. Brunjes Memorial Fund

May Evans Bryant Fund

Walter and Martha Burchard Family Fund

The Burkhart Fund

Frantzes D. Burkhart Fund

William H. Burkhart Fund

John U. and Minnie M. Burt Inter Vivos Fund

John U. and Minnie M. Burt Testamentary Fund

Jean C. Caldwell Fund

Frances T. Campbell Fund

Edith M. Clark Fund

Valerie G. Clark Memorial Fund

Helen Cohen Fund

Kevin P. Connors Fund

Gertrude Corbitt Bequest

Charlotte L. Crittenden Fund

Winifred Crost Fund

Day Memorial Fund

Jay and Ruth De Soto Mayor Fund

Albert P. Delacorte Fund

Valerie Delacorte Fund

Hester Diamond Fund

Ruth and Gerald Dickler Community Housing Fund

Ruth and Gerald Dickler Fund for Early Childhood Education

Dominican Sisters of Hope Empowerment Fund

Margaret E. Donnelly Fund

The Bruce Dresner Fund

Beatrice L. Drossman Fund

Dr. James R. Dumpson Fund for Social Services

Evelyn and Jack Eber Fund

Julius and Margarete Edelstein Fund

H. Rodger and Jessie Graham Elgar Fund

Dr. Deborah Elkins Fund

Gertrude Elkins Memorial Fund

Mildred F. Englander Fund

The Enos Fund

Charles and Lillian Erickson Fund

Josephine L. Erwin Fund

Edgar W.B. Fairchild Fund

Falk, Licheton & Rosenstein Fund

Raymond H. Fiero Fund

Simon Finck Fund

Golda and Mollie Fine Fund

Kirsten Flagstad Memorial

Josephine Flood Memorial

Francis Florio Fund

Michel Fokine Memorial Fund

Walter B. Ford Funds

Abraham B. and Sarah Frank Funds No. 1 & 2

Corinne R. Frear Fund

The Jacques A. Gerard Fund

Clarence H. Gifford Funds

Elena Gildersleeve Fund

Jacob and Helen Goldfein Fund

Selma Goldmacher Charitable Fund

Jack Goldring Fund

Maurice and Georgine Goodman Fund

Orland S. and Frances S. Greene Fund

Linda A. Griffith Fund

Arthur Griggs Fund

Emily Griggs Fund

Sydney A. Guggenheimer Memorial Fund

Horace & Amy Hagedorn Fund

Lola G. Hanna Fund

Elisabeth Scott Harms Fund

Charlotte Daniels Harris Memorial Fund

Katharine S. Harris Fund

Ralph Hayes Memorial Fund

Heiser Grant

Hejaz Tree Conservation Fund

Lucy & George Henning Fund

Alexander S. Henry, Sr. and Ann S. Henry Memorial Funds A & B

Leo and Ethel Heymann Memorial Fund

Ann and Leon Himelberg Fund

Mary and David Hoar Trust for the Honor and Glory of God

Lillian and William Hoffmanns Fund

Ralph N. Hubbard Fund

Lisette Verea Ruegg Hunter Fund

Mildred K. Hurson Fund

HVCS Legacy Fund

Rene K. and Samuel M. Hyman Memorial Fund

Charles F. Iklé Scholarship and Research Fund

George A. Ingalls and Ann C. Ingalls Fund

John Paul Itta and Tony Murray Fund

Isabel C. and Walter T. Iverson Fund

Lucy Wortham James Fund

Lucy Wortham James Memorial

Warren S. and Florence L. Jampol Fund

Jane Fund

J B Fund

Elise Jerard Environmental and Humanitarian Trust

Laura and Ray Johnson Fund

Marion Esser Kaufmann Fund

Walter and Selma Kaye Fund

Robert Prior Kehoe Fund

Joseph M. Kirchheimer Fund

Jane W. Kitselman Fund

Edward and Edith H. Klauber Fund

The Korda Fund

William A. Koshland Fund

Henry Phillip Kraft Family Memorial Fund

Wheaton B. Kunhardt Fund

Lands-Cabrera Fund

Allan Browning Lane Memorial Funds

David Lawrence Fund

Le Veque Memorial Foundation

Howard Z. Leffel Fund

Anne Leonhardt Fund for the Needy

Frederick H. Leonhardt Fund

Reba Q. Lerch Fund

Ursula Lerse Fund

Robert and Janet Liebowitz Fund

Alexander and Ella Lindey Fund

John L. and Frances L. Loeb Fund

Wilhelm Loewenstein Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Meyer Lorentz Fund

Ruth Norden Lowe and Warner L. Lowe Memorial Fund

Edna Wells Luetz/Frederick Riedel Funds

Clara L. Macbeth Fund

Sarah S. McAlpin Fund

Townsend Martin McAlpin Fund

Blanche and Edwin D. McArthur Fund

McClendon Fund

Cyrus McCormick and Florence S. McCormick Memorial Fund

Ruth McCreary Funds

Isabel C. McKenzie Fund

The Janet H. McPherson Memorial Fund for Children

Toni Mendez Fund

Helen Merrill Fund

Ralph D. Mershon Fund

Charles Merz and Evelyn Scott Merz Memorial Funds No. 1 & 2

LuEsther T. Mertz Fund

Helen F. and Alfred S. Meyer Fund

Middle Road Fund

Shirley I. Moore Fund

Alice V. & Dave H. Morris Memorial

George T. Mortimer Foundation

Mulber Fund

Thomas W. and Florence T. Murphy Fund

Murray L. and Belle C. Nathan Fund

Nancy A. Newman Fund

Reverend and Mrs. R. Heber Newton Fund

Northcliff Philanthropic Fund

A.P.J. O’Connor Fund

William B. and Suzanne H. O’Connor Fund for Visual Disabilities

Mary P. Oenslager Foundation Fund

Abraham Oestreicher Fund

Florence C. Oliveira Memorial

Origo-Levy Animal Care Fund

Linda W. Osanik Fund

Katharine A. Park Funds for the Elderly

Parkinson Fund

Mary Sherman Parsons Fund

Dorothy Patterson Fund

Irene Peron Fund

Charles M. Phinny Fund

John Polachek Fund

Leo L. Pollak Memorial Fund

Robert and Ellen Popper Scholarship Fund

Katharine Sloan Pratt Fund

Robert & Barbara Preiskel Memorial Fund

Sidney S. Prince Trust

Margaret Fenton, Samuel and Thomas Pringle Memorial

Addison C. Rand Fund

Rankin-Smith Fund

Helen Rehr Fund

Eugene H. and Patricia C. Remmer Fund

Rhodebeck Fund for the Elderly

Rhodebeck Fund for the Homeless

Richard and Mildred T. Rhodebeck Fund

Marion & George Riley Fund

Virginia S. Risley Family Fund

Virginia S. Risley Fund

Emilie D. Robb Fund

Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Fund

Sarah and Harry Rogers Fund

Dr. Joseph Richard Rongetti Scholarship Fund

Rosenfeld Family Fund

John P. Rosenthal Fund

Clara Lewisohn Rossin Trust

Lisa Cordell Rubin Fund

Samuel N. and Charlotte Rubin Fund

Myrten G. and Lillian V. Saake Memorial Fund

Bonnie and Peter Sacerdote Family Fund

The Samuel Sacks Fund

Dr. Abraham and Shirley Saifer Fund

Jacob H. Schiff Memorial

Anna E. Schoen-René Fund

George Schreiber Fund

Mamie Seller Memorial Fund

Alfred M. Serex Fund

Severinghaus Fund

William H. Seward, Jr. Fund

The Shaw Foundation

Fannie Sherr Fund

Robert M. Sims/Robert L. Albright Fund

Abe, Lena and Irin Soskis Memorial Funds

Special Fund No. 14

Ilma Stafford-Greene Fund

The Betty J. Stebman Fund

Ettie Stettheimer Memorial Fund

Carole Stupell Travel Award Program

R. Swayze Gay and Lesbian Youth Fund

William J. Taylor Fund

Thomas COPD Fund

Thomas Fund

Annie Rensselaer Tinker Fund

Nathaniel and Sarah Tooker Fund

Traer Fund

Charles Welford Travis Trust

Trinity Chapel Home Fund

Paul N. Turner Bequest

Nina Untermyer Fund

The Edward & Sally Van Lier Fund

Lottie Grace Vanderveer Fund

Rudolf and Anna Marie Vetter Memorial Fund

The Enders M. Voorhees Fund

DeWitt Wallace Fund for Youth

Watcha Fund

David and Mary Warfield Fund

David Warfield Fund

Mary Warfield Fund

Alice W. Wattles Fund

James Howard Wattles Fund

Edna and Frederick Weingarten Fund

Mabel W. Weir Trust

The Herbert B. West Fund

Maria and Herbert B. West Fund

Florence and Elliot Westin Fund

Betty Wheeler Fund

Letitia M. Whipp Memorial Fund

Frederic J. Whiton Fund

Robert O. Wilder Fund

Henry K. S. Williams Trusts No. 1 & 2

Mildred Anna Williams Fund

Oscar Williams and Gene Derwood Fund

Sam Wilner Fund

John H. T. Wilson Fund

The Margaret S. Winthrop Fund

Leone Scott Wise Fund

Jadin Wong Fund

Seymour B. Wurzler Bequest

Elliott Zagor Fund

Joel Zimmerman Fund